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Cashmere and care for cashmere goods

Cashmere is an immense world of tenderness and love...
It is a truly amazing and exclusive material which conveys our emotions and feelings and is also timeless
Interesting facts
about cashmere
Cashmere is made from the gentlest down of mountain goats that inhabit the highlands of Asia. In Mongolia, India and China (the regions of grazing animals) the temperature drops to -45 degrees and the stronger the frost is results in the warmest fluff.
Pure cashmere items which have a matte shade are mostly of natural colours. Sometimes light cashmere seems to be softer and better and this is due to the fact that the processing processes enable clarification and does not indicate a higher level of fibre.
We value the ethical treatment of the animals and the provision of decent conditions for their maintenance. For the manufacture of our products we choose only those suppliers who comply with these moral standards. These standards are adhered to through all stages of the yarn production including the manual combing of the goats undercoat during shedding.
Cashmere fluff is three times thinner than a human hair. Therefore, cashmere products are famous for their softness and lightness. The most delicate goat fluff guarantees hypo-allergenic quality of the material produced, so it will not cause irritation to your baby.
Even though it is obviously a light fabric, cashmere clothes are incredibly warm and are eight times warmer than regular wool. If your baby was born in warm seasons you should look at our cashmere clothes which are blended with a mixture of silk as this fabric cools well in the summer.

Each full goat gives you only 150 grams of fluff which is enough to produce one sweater. This fact determines the high cost of cashmere products, which have always been considered a luxury item.
Cashmere products should be dried on a flat surface and should be in their expanded form away from sunlight and heat sources.
Cashmere garments should be washed using special products in the water at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.
When storing delicate items it is best to ensure they are folded.
Сare guide
Items made from cashmere have no expiration date and can last forever if you follow simple rules of care
Cashmere can be ironed through another fabric so ensure that the surface of the iron does not touch the Cashmere product directly.
The appearance of pellets on the product is a natural process and they can appear, but don't worry because on high-quality cashmere products they will disappear after the first wash.
Cashmere clothes for your baby are not just about tenderness and warmth, but they are also important moments of life preserved in hand-made clothes made exclusively with love from Italy.