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The History of Cashmere

Saona Cashmere
Who has set the benchmark for preserving tradition, if not Britain? More specifically Scotland, a place where factories have been making yarn since the 18th century. Yarn factory owners honour tried and true traditions for making cashmere handed down to them over 150 years ago. This immense experience has enabled them to perfect yarn manufacturing technology.
Here at Saona Cashmere, we're creating our own traditions, using only the best materials for our baby clothes!
An entire generation of master cashmere weavers has passed on their valuable knowledge. That's why their shades of wool are truly unique and, in essence, flawless. Scottish cashmere is in a class of its own.
A Little on Yarn
We only use premium cashmere suppliers and our entire couture-quality collection is hand-sewn.
Saona Cashmere's collection is made with the same yarn that major, internationally renowned fashion houses use. At the end of the 19th century, during the era of the industrial revolution, the intensive manual process of making cashmere in Scotland was replaced with highly efficient machines designed to transform wool into yarn. This laid the foundation for Scottish manufacturing traditions to develop into the best in the world for spun cashmere.
Water plays a big role in the manufacturing of high-quality yarn. It is used to wash the cashmere wool. Water has a direct effect on the quality, as well as the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. This is fundamental for both safety and for ensuring that the clothes are hypoallergenic for sensitive little bodies.
Soft lake water opens and fluffs cashmere wool so well that it's a vital part of Scottish cashmere production with all its unique qualities.
Our cashmere suppliers only use soft lake water in their production process from well-known nature preserves in Scotland. After washing, the water is returned to preserve the local flora and fauna. The dyes used are environmentally friendly, so the water can be used safely and returned to the lake.
Water's Role in Yarn
Saona Cashmere takes environmental issues very seriously. That's why the choices regarding which cashmere suppliers we choose to partner with are just as important as the manufacturing of our collection itself.

Yarn Quality Control
Our suppliers uphold the highest standards of production. Using their cashmere wool material ensures a first-class product. Luxury yarn is an assurance of the outstanding quality of clothes it produces. It is also a good benchmark for how comfy they will be, how long they will last, and if they'll pill.

Raw wool is checked, sorted, and processed. It's quality (micron ratio, length, whiteness and impurities) is only assessed after all the other stages have been completed. Every batch of yarn has its own unique number and is tracked throughout the entire cycle of production, from the raw wool that arrives at the factory to the spools of yarn leaving it.

That's why we're so sure that quality and safety of our clothing is fit for the tiniest among us.
Saona Cashmere's Collection is made only from the best, luxury Scottish yarn.
The cornerstone of our ambitious approach to quality control, guaranteeing the high calibre of our cashmere, is only using world renowned Scottish manufacturers. Manufacturers who follow traditional, proven methods of production.
Shades of Yarn
From now on, our Italian factory will begin using Scottish cashmere. We've made this move, as the Scottish, the first "European spinners", developed special technology for producing unique shades of thread. Colours are mixed by hand, and each batch of every shade is individually inspected in person. Wool is dyed while the cashmere still looks like fluffy cotton clouds. The shades are achieved by mixing raw ingredients of various colours.
That's why we use Scottish yarn for our Saona Cashmere newborn collection.
You can only achieve this level of quality yarn through hard labour and technology perfected over generations.